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Spring Equinox Celebration!

Spring Equinox Photo
The Spring Equinox marks a special moment for the earth when the poles are tilted neither towards nor away from the sun. Energetically, it is felt as a celestial balance point, a stillness free of our usual negative or positive tendencies. This exquisite moment of poised equilibrium flows through us twice a year on the subtle plane. To more easily perceive it’s energy, we will amplify it with our practices leaving a gentle impression within us to return to throughout the year.
Rudrani and me
Join us on Thursday March 20th, 8pm. Julia will lead the program and the chant with a little back-up Kirtan band, and Rudrani will guide us into meditation. Light refreshment will be served after, as we savor this truly auspicious midpoint.
$16 to participate, or use your 10 Class Card
Monthly Unlimited students come for free!