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Meditation lies at the core of yoga  and supports us to create a meaningful life. Seen as our natural birthright, meditation reduces suffering  and is a significant means to inner freedom and well-being. All our hatha yoga classes and programs include this transformative practice.

Monthly Satsang

Meditation gathering in Rudrani's home: Thursday, May 31, 7-9:30pm

Theme: 'The Golden Link in the Generational Stream'

Exceptions aside, by and large, previous generations made an effort to correct the limitations and errors of their own upbringing as they raised us and in turn, we have struggled to protect future generations from the mistakes our parents made and handed  down. Yet willy nilly, the great challenge of living life with a healthy spirit continues to flow down down the generational stream merrily merrily merrily as the song goes. The Sages of the yoga tradition teach us to honor our elders and support our youth. They tell us to take full responsibility for our inner world and let fully alive yoga practices awaken us and transform us so that what is being passed down is subject to rigorous purification.
Nonetheless we can be startled to hear the voice of the previous generation in our own voice, or to find an unexamined, unconscious part of us bound to the generational stream flowing through us from the past. Can we become the golden link in this ancestral  stream? Can we be fully a part of it yet at the same time fully free of it? What are the signs of that freedom? This is a big subject. Let us explore this in our upcoming Satsang.    

The group chose this theme in our last Satsang. Come join us and enjoy our shared learning as we all continue to grow together. Satsang is an evening of high energy with Rudrani, the WYC Director. This monthly program includes group meditation, chanting, yoga philosophy, spiritual teachings and an exploration of the theme of the month. All are welcome. No prior experience needed.

Thank you for hosting another wonderful evening. So rich – and FULL. It feels as if I am coming home. I always leave overflowing…

Call for 66th St. location information 212-877-4153.

Please enjoy the audio of the July 20 satsang "Surrender: The Bird on the Third Branch" by clicking here


Meditation page middleSatsang is wonderful – deep and strong. Meditating in that space, nestled on the corner of the 26th floor, overlooking our beloved City, is always so profound and deep. Certainly the long history of transformation energy in that very place makes it easier for all of us to glide with abandon into a meditation that feels like being held. I was struck by how that word comes up more than once during sharing. It is what keeps me coming back…. (WYC student)

Meditation Classes

Mondays 8-9:15pm

This 75 minute class is a beautiful way for new students to enter the practice of meditation and also provides energy and insight for our experienced meditators. The class includes teachings, the use of mantras and chants, a deep meditation and time to process and integrate our experiences. All students are welcome. There is guided instruction and exploration of how to apply the teachings to our current life situation.

Price: $16 for the class, $10 if you take the 6:15-7:45pm Open Level Class with Rudrani beforehand.