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Satsang Recordings

Satsang is a long-standing monthly, group meditation that began in 1995. It is open to all people, on any level of practice, who are seeking a conscious path. Participants have chosen a teaching we call a Theme and Rudrani offers an hour-long exploration followed by group chanting, meditation and sharing. These opening talks on the theme contain wisdom, both traditional and relevant personal tales, and we bask in co-created support of the inner journey for everyone present. How to apply these particular teachings in our daily lives emerges as the evening unfolds.  

Our intention for making the opening exploratory talks online is to bring everyone into community at a time when we need to unite, whether you are able to there in person or not. (The chanting and meditation practices are not recorded)

May we all be nourished by shared wisdom and drawn deeper into relationship with one another and with our own Self!!



November 18, Staying on the Path

July 15, Attaching to What Will Free You

June 10, Going Deeper Into Our Essence, Part 2

May 6, Going Deeper Into Our Essence, Part 1

April 8, Self Love and the Inner Critic

March 4, The Authority of Love

Feb 4, Being Part of the whole

Jan 7, A Little Bit of Light



May 21, Healing the Shadows of the Heart

January 16, Motiveless Tenderness of the Heart



May 2, The Mind

March 28, Listening for the Next Right Step 

March 7, Dye the Mind in the Color of the Self

February 7, The Mind as Enemy, the Mind as Friend Part 2 Satsang

January 10, The Mind is a Drunken Monkey Satsang



November 30, Mysteries of flawed human being loving other flawed human beings

October 18, Self Love and the Role of the Well Wisher

July 26, Now what do we do? Satsang

June 28, Religion vs. Spirituality Satsang

May 31, The Golden Link Satsang

March 22, Satsang 'Trust: Don't Look Down'

February 22, Satsang 'Staying Awake: This is a job for Superman and Wonder Woman'

January 25, Satsang 'The Amnesia of Ego: Letting in Possibility'



Oct 12, Satsang "The Illusion of Isolation"
link to https://app.box.com/s/w3v0ihx8dz8ysvdht40a54tsczybs01x

Sep 14, Satsang "The Ghee of Dispassion"
link to https://app.box.com/s/s904f0514zuzdyd5pdi46geyz9tpcdrw

July 20, satsang "Surrender: The Bird on the Third Branch"
link to https://app.box.com/s/d6whsbszii2uc2ejnvzmr32vbtviry7n



Here's what participants are saying about satsang with Rudrani:

Thank you so much for last night. I had a lot of insight about my family and insight about caring for people in general, and loved contemplating how friendly humans are if given a chance. I love what you were saying about the kundalini being able to untie the knot in our hearts. I agree, I feel it, I know it, and it is so important for all of us now. 

At Satsang I felt Light. and Understanding .. an opening of a capacity simply to accept.. to forgive… without endorsing. 
That meditation was simply sublime–no words for it. Thank you for helping me, and everyone else there, be so open, so spacious, and for facilitating the flow of energy and grace that we all enjoyed. 

I loved this practice last night. What a shift in perspective!— To keep coming back to this awareness and to cultivate it. — how amazing to witness and see all of this. Thank you for sharing. Lovely to share this evening and share this time with you and everyone.