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Jackie’s Late Fall Urban Peace Retreat

Saturday, November 10, 1:30-3:30pm

Taught by Jackie

This restorative, rejuvenating Anusara Yoga workshop serves to bring us into our innermost essence through the practices of:

– Pranayama  (yogic breathing practices)
– Meditation  (exploring the inner worlds)
– Restorative  yoga (deep slow restful poses in which energy flows through the subtle body) 

The Urban Peace Retreat will also give instruction on protocols from the ancient science of Ayurveda to take care of our body’s natural well being and intrinsic health so it flows in harmony with the earths’s rhythm and cycles of day and  night, and changing seasons. Ayurveda is an ancient form of healing practiced by yogis all over the world. You will learn to take the practice of yoga into your own self care. Self-Care that can help your body heal from life long chronic issues.

This late Fall workshop includes a focus on getting nourishing and deep sleep by incorporating meditation and restorative yoga in your nightly routine.

One of the great sabotages of our health is being off our daily rhythm by having different meal and bed times from day to day.  We will learn to improve our relationship with our own inner Shakti by listening to the body to see if it  is tired or needs nourishment. 

We will also focus on how to organize ourselves to eat earlier lighter dinners which help us naturally get sleepier earlier. The results of early to bed early to rise are just as predicted. It makes you healthier, wealthier and wiser. That adage really works!     

This routine will also help you strengthen your immune system and fight off the many viruses coming your way this holiday season. 

Take home a daily practice to help you feel more vibrant, sleep better, improve your digestion and well being.

Price: $40
Register: Here

For questions call 917-822-1120