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An Inner Climate Change for Humanity

Thursday April 16, 7-9:30pm

"An Inner Climate Change for Humanity "

As most everyone in the world stays at home, silence has descended over our mega-metropolise. The earth is turning more slowly our scientists say. Fresh winds blow through our city streets, bird song audibly heralds a gorgeous Spring. Staying home is for some a trap, for some a cocoon and for some a deep retreat. Those not at home are on the front lines and at 7pm we bang on pots and applaud and cheer them. It appears that the machine of all we thought we were has unplugged — like a plug out of its socket. Separated from its power source of commerce entertainment and study, our daily dance has truly come to a halt.   Suddenly we begin to see who we really are when it is all stripped away. 

It is not only dolphins coming back to the canals of Venice, or wild animals roaming more boldly without people around, there is a place deep within us also coming back, a place deeply natural to us that was never lost. Now in the stillness of this time, layers of deeper truth and self connection arise. Core strength we didn’t know we had arises. 
We have been imbibing wisdom teachings for a good while together and nothing is wasted of our practices though we are in calamitous times. Lord Krishna reassures Arjuna of this in the Bhagavad Gita. Let us explore the inner landscape of these times together and see how to build and sustain a groundswell of Self knowledge and positive transformation within ourselves and everywhere in the world.

Call for 66th St. location information 212-877-4153.
Tuiton: $20

We will provide tea and cushions. If you are new to meditation as a practice, there will be instruction to support you. All are welcome.

Satsang is an evening of high energy with Rudrani, the WYC Director. This monthly program includes group meditation, chanting, yoga philosophy, spiritual teachings and an exploration of the theme of the month. All are welcome. No prior experience needed.


‘Satsang is very precious to me. I treasure the meditations…’ ~WYC Student