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Self-Trust & the Inner Critic

Thursday April 8th, 7-9:30pm

"Self-Trust & the Inner Critic"

On the evolutionary path of conscious life, the sages say that self-doubt, negative self talk, is our sole demise. The scriptures of Yoga explain that this brings self-separation, a sense of being broken off from our innermost source, and is the basic cause of our suffering. It can be dire when we blame ourselves, question our motives, sit in self-judgment. How do we distinguish the discomfort of the inner critic from the work of facing our failings? Although by inference and direct experience, we may understand that Universal Consciousness —in its intelligence and supreme potency– pervades the core of our whole being, we may remain hesitant to accept the reality of the greatness we hold inside. Let's explore this together in the light of the teachings and practices as we gather for our monthly Satsang. Beginners to meditation are welcome, friends and family are welcome.

Let us examine this together and draw on the wisdom teachings of Yoga, on how to participate consciously and with authentic engagement in this period of human life on Earth. Beginners to meditation are welcome, friends and family are welcome… Let's explore this together. 

All are welcome

Tuition: $20

Assemble some props to support your meditation posture. If you are new to meditation as a practice, there will be instruction to support you. All are welcome.  

You can register in advance here or pay via Venmo available upon logging in.
Details for registering online are available here.

Log on to zoom.us/j/7806079246, enter password: WYC
(The zoom link will also be on the WYC homepage Thursday evening.) 

‘Satsang is very precious to me. I treasure the meditations…’ ~WYC Student