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Cultivating Trust through Community

Partner Workshop 3Cultivating Trust through Community 

A Partner Workshop

Sunday, Oct. 20, 1-3pm

With Yael Ben-Reuven

Trust is essential on the path of Yoga in order to continue to grow in wisdom and understanding. Join Yael on this journey of trusting and being trustworthy through partner yoga.

So many times we put our gut instincts and natural responses aside, and in time by ignoring them, we can end up no longer trusting ourselves. Partner work helps reveal our clear, inner voice and helps deepen and amplify self-acceptance, compassion and the desire to serve.

Yoga is a journey into union. In partner yoga,  by a dialogue-through-touch, we become a reflection of each other. The safe container of partner yoga opens us to new levels of communication and a more expanded inner world.
All are welcome, feel free to bring a partner but a partner is not required to attend.
Assistant: Lauren Jacobs


Price: $35, Register in person at the WYC or register now