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April Satsang: “The Co-existance of Perfection and Imperfection”

Thursday, April 9, 7-9:30pm

‘Satsang is very precious to me. I treasure the meditations…’ ~WYC Student

Countless people have lived here on Earth and left. Countless more will be born  after we are gone. It is our turn now. We are the ones holding life for all  the generations, letting it thread through us now in all its fullness. That life is perfect,  that life lacks nothing, that life is whole and complete. It is a challenge to touch that core of perfection in our innermost heart while simultaneously experiencing  our imperfections in the world. How does one co-exist in both realms and make them one? Let us see —–

Satsang is an evening of high energy with Rudrani, the WYC Director. This monthly program includes group meditation, chanting, yoga philosophy, spiritual teachings and an exploration of the theme of the month. All are welcome. No prior experience needed.

Call for 66th St. location information 212-877-4153.
Tuiton: $20

We will provide tea and cushions. If you are new to meditation as a practice, there will be instruction to support you. All are welcome.

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