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WYC 2020 Fall Retreat

WYC's Fall online Anusara yoga and meditation retreat
Nov 13-15. 2020 

Back by popular demand!  

The World Yoga Center’s Summer Meditation and Anusara Yoga retreat of 2020, held on line, was such a big hit that we are adding a Fall offering. 

Taught by senior Anusara yoga teachers Jacalyn Prete & WYC Director and Founder Rudrani Farbman, this deep dive into the practices of yoga & meditation will bring us into a more authentic relationship with our true essence: the Great Self. 

Through Asana, Meditation, Chanting, Contemplation, Restorative yoga Yoga Nidra, Seva, and Satsang, 
(conversation for the higher Self) we will be able to experience the peace and stillness at the core of our innermost Being. 

A true retreat guides us, with it's cumulative power, to learn to let go of our identity with the small Self and connect to Universal Consciousness.  That power scintillates in every particle of matter and in our own being.

Do join us and discover the oasis of shared practice. The group bonds, connects and ventures into the depths of Inner Space. We become each other's Well Wishers. 
We have discounted the retreat to make it available to more students.


Tuition is $300
(Early bird discount is $250 if you register before September 23

Contact Jacalyn at 917-822-1120 for details as well as to register