265 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023
(Off West End Avenue)

World Yoga Center- School of Yoga
Meet Our Non-Profit

The World Yoga Center has been able to thrive since 1972-- through ups and downs of collective life, economic change, Covid and world turmoil. In the midst of this, we have been blessed with what has always made the school strong: the hidden presence one cannot see that lies at the very heart of our practices and lies at the very heart of Yoga. This is the Grace principle which brings revelatory transformation. It pours into our lives and sustains us in shared endeavor. 

A vast array of people of all backgrounds and abilities have moved through the school's beautiful atmosphere for over half a century and have contributed and been enriched by it, leaving the community alive with its luminous atmosphere. We set a strong intention to enhance the power of this atmosphere in the years ahead. 


We are shifting the financial structures to become a non-profit, to support our vision and make a wider base for our expansion into the future, strengthening our school's potency as a vortex of transformation. Our commitment to inclusivity, welcoming people of all backgrounds, physical abilities and financial status will continue with ever fresh vigor. Above all, our vision includes continuity, taking the school proudly down the generational stream into the future.

We are excited to expand our status as a non-profit institution, as this structure more accurately reflects the deep purpose of the World Yoga Center. We have always been an institution that holds students in the transformational journey intrinsic to the Yoga tradition. This refinement of the school’s business structure helps realign the school in its educational place in the world and in our city.

It's our commitment to protect the WYC's visionary beauty and stability for another half century. We want to stay true to its authenticity and deep ties to the blissful energy, the Shakti, and the wisdom that has always nourished our community, and to intensify that Shakti-rich field.