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Instructions for Joining In-Person and Online Classes

The World Yoga Center Update on classes:


September 13, 2021– In person attendance mandated to show proof of vaccination

The World Yoga Center is proud of its teachers and students as a community for the immense fortitude, strength of practice, contributing to the good of the world with wisdom, steadiness and conscious presence.

Since March 2020, we have adapted and expanded into a beautiful online community with people joining and rejoining from afar through the blessing of technology. Ever growing, we have become a true Sangha, a sanctuary from the worst of Covid, a collective that is able to function as an agent of Grace. A Sangha is a refuge, a place of inspiration, empowerment and belonging on the subtle plane, a true internal home. Our presence to the practices and teachings has solidified though we live in many places and in many time zones at once. 

We have this wondrous online community, which we will continue to protect and nourish, as we support our irreplaceable in-person classes. A selection of our usual classes are now “hybrid", supporting both those continuing to practice online joined now by those seeking to practice in person at the school.

Beginning September 13, proof of vaccination is mandated by the city to attend in person classes.

Please read the protocols for in-person classes classes before you attend your first class post September 13, so that we can welcome you to class (as we always have and want to continue to be able to do!)

The following is currently being offered:
1) Hybrid classes (online and in-person combined)
2) Online (online only)

Further instructions and protocols for joining in-person classes below

Hybrid classes

Online classes


Please take time to look over the schedule! To make it clear, our website now has 2 different, distinct schedule pages so that you can clearly see the different ways to join our community.

You can now attend our:

 Hybrid classes — Online classes 

Each schedule page begins with the running schedule for each specific attendance option, so that you can see what is coming up, as well as the usual ongoing schedule for all classes posted below.


Instructions for joining our in-person classes

* There is a limit of 8 students in the school at this time. Preregistration is required and secures your spot in the class.

** Once you book your class you will get an email confirmation. Within this email are two important links related to joining us in-person.

1. A link to our COVID-19 Health Screen form, which must be filled out before you attend an in-school class, each and every time. 

2. A link to cancel your booking. If you do not show up for an in-school class for which you have registered, you will be charged for the class. You must cancel the booking at least 12 hours ahead of time so as not be charged for the class. This will allow someone else to take your spot.

*** To register for class
1. Login here+
2. On the schedule page, click 'book' under the class you would like to attend

+ If you have any trouble accessing your account, please email worldyogacenter@gmail.com (we highly recommend making sure you can access your account ASAP, prior to your first booking!)

Video tutorials and support for first time booking


We will maintain the following protocols: proof of vaccination is required, limited numbers, masks optional unless requested by the teacher (then we ask you to comply in solidarity with our teachers), social distancing and, for now, no physical contact. We will just express affection with our eyes, voices and gestures in this interim period, which will be reviewed again in the New Year.

As much as you can, maintain a six-foot distance from each other.  Mat spaces have been marked on the floor with tape. Please choose a space for yourself.

Please be on time!! That means 5-10 minutes early, not exactly when class starts! This is crucial as there are more steps to our intake. Showing up early shows respect to all students, including those who are online for the same class.

Please bring your own mat and props. We recommend not using the school's props for COVID safety, although blocks and pads (blanket stand-in) are available as long as they are cleaned by the student after use (all sanitizing products are available and are easy to use.)

Filtered water is available to use but bring your own water container as the cups at the school are not available for use.

We will be sanitizing following CDC recommendations, we have a certified HEPA air purifier installed and will utilize open windows and fans.


First steps: using our online booking system & video tutorials

The first step to attend in-person is to make sure that you can access your account in Karmasoft, our attendance software.

There have been many recent updates to this software and we are here to make sure you can access your account and make purchases and book in advance with ease.

To be sure that you can access your account:
1. Login here
2. If you don't know your password, request a new one
3. If you do not get the email to update your password, please email  worldyogacenter@gmail.com, we will resend the email to you
4. If you get stuck in any way, please email worldyogacenter@gmail.com

Phone apps:
If you are interested in downloading the karmasoft app to your phone, for easy access on your mobile device, here are the links:




Booking a class and using your student account on Karmasoft:

Required health screening before attending indoor classes and other details within your confirmation email:



Instructions for joining our online classes

Show up 5-10 minutes ahead of time by logging in to the zoom link,  https://zoom.us/j/2829767264 Enter password: WYC
This link is the same for each class. 

You can use your membership, your 10 class cards, or purhcase single classes to join. For the sake of a smooth launch to class, please purchase ahead of time. If you are unable to complete purchase ahead of time, come to class and stay after a few minutes so that the teacher can help you.

To purchase a class or class card ahead of class time or to update your card on file:

1. Login here+
2. Once you're in the system you can click on the Store tab to see purchase options:

You can purchase a single class, there is a 10 class card, an unlimited month, or our newcomers package is a great first option to enjoy 8 days unlimited for $30 if you are brand new to the school

+ If you have any trouble accessing your account, please email worldyogacenter@gmail.com (we highly recommend making sure you can access your account ASAP, prior to your first booking!)

If you have used Zoom on your device, it's as easy as clicking our class link.
If you have never used Zoom before, it is quite easy to get set up.


If you will be on a computer that is using Zoom for the first time, give yourself 10 minutes before the meeting to click on the above link and to follow the prompts to download the software.

Here is a demo that takes you through these steps: https://youtu.be/vFhAEoCF7jg
Here is a demo if you are having trouble with getting your audio or video working: https://youtu.be/HqncX7RE0wM

If on a phone or tablet that is using Zoom for the first time, you will need to download the Zoom app: search for ZOOM cloud Meetings and make sure the app icon looks like this:You will be on camera, so that the teacher can sense you and respond to the needs of the students. If for any reason you do not want to be on camera, it is possible to turn the video off on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, but this will mean the teacher is not able to speak to you personally. Ideally you set up your camera so you can be seen reclining, sitting or standing.

If you get stuck please email worldyogacenter@gmail.com for support or text 917-543-8538


— Your self, on a mat, in a cleared space in your home.

— Your computer, or device, angled so the teacher can see you seated, standing and laying down.

— Props if you have them. Standard props are mat, blocks, blankets and a strap.


Prop substitutes if available:

books, sturdy boxes, something firm that has height and is hopefully not too heavy!

Large bath towels, couch throws, with some firm thickness so you don't sink too much

Belt, long scarf, sash from bathrobe

***Additional Restorative substitutes***
Eye pillows or small towel
Bolsters or firm pillows, firm cushion stacks of blankets or towels