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To our students:

We are moving WYC full schedule of classes are moving from in person at the school to virtual online starting March 14 until we feel it is responsible to continue at the school again. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 14 is our transition day. Some of you will be physically at the school and some of you will be online. Starting Sunday, March 15, we are solely virtual. 

Luckily we are able to maintain our usual schedule. The running schedule on our website will keep everyone up to date as to when we are hosting classes virtually and you are welcome to join just as you would for class at the school. Our class schedule can be found here: http://worldyogacenter.com/schedule/

You can join with a phone, tablet or computer. You will use this link and password each time you join us for class, which can be found on the home page: https://zoom.us/j/2829767264. Password: WYC


UPDATE for 5/17:

There is there a Zoom update required by Zoom this week, and folks all over the country have had difficulty seeing or hearing each other beginning Sunday, May 17th until they completely rebooted their computers and started from scratch. 

SO— before you next attend class, update! And try to sign in 10 minutes before class time to give yourself enough time to trouble shoot aka, reboot your compter or tablet.

Update information HERE:


(click on your system: Windows, Mac, Android, etc. – it will lead you to the May 10 download)


Show up 10-15 minutes ahead of time by logging in to the zoom link above, it will stay the same for each class. Attendance will be taken as usual. Class attendance closes definitely 5 minutes after the beginning of class-time. (This is the same protocol as we use at the school.) 

As we hope this will be temporary, and we want to change as little about this shift– if will be the same classses, at the same times, with our skilled and graceful faculty, with the pricing structure as usual. We hope you enjoy this continuity so we stay  connected even though virtual for the time being.

You can continue to use your membership, your 10 class cards, and to pay with your card on file. We will have an admin support staff that will be supporting the payment of classes so that you can join the class and you will receive a follow up email if we need you to identify how you would like to make payment (if it can't be handled before the class starts.)


If you do not have a current series at the WYC:
It is helpful to our staff if you take a few minute before class to purchase a class or series in our system. 

To enter into our system, please follow this link: 

If you are new to the school– click on Sign up

If you have been to the WYC before enter your email and password

If you don't know your password, there are 3 options 
1. Click on Forgot your password? If you first registered at the WYC since 2011, since we've had the iPad for newcomers
2. Click on Attended classes but don't have account? If you first attended classes at the WYC before 2011, before we had computers. 
3. If your email address that is different from the one in our system,  click on Sign up and enter your new email address as if new

Once you're in the system you can click on the Store tab to see purchase options:

You can purchase a single class, there is a 10 class card, an unlimited month, or our newcomers package is a great first option to enjoy 8 days unlimited for $30 if you are brand new to the school. 

This way it is easy to integrate you before the class begins. 

If you get stuck please email worldyogacenter@gmail.com for support or text 917-543-8538


If you have used Zoom on your device, it's as easy as clicking our class link.
If you have never used Zoom before, it is quite easy to get set up.


If you will be on a computer that is using Zoom for the first time, give yourself 10 minutes before the meeting to click on the above link and to follow the prompts to download the software.

Here is a demo that takes you through these steps: https://youtu.be/vFhAEoCF7jg
Here is a demo if you are having trouble with getting your audio or video working: https://youtu.be/HqncX7RE0wM

If on a phone or tablet that is using Zoom for the first time, you will need to download the Zoom app: search for ZOOM cloud Meetings and make sure the app icon looks like this:You will be on camera, so that the teacher can sense you and respond to the needs of the students. If for any reason you do not want to be on camera, it is possible to turn the video off on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, but this will mean the teacher is not able to speak to you personally. You will need to set your camera so you can be seen reclining, sitting or standing.

If you get stuck please email worldyogacenter@gmail.com for support or text 917-543-8538


— Your self onto a mat in a cleared space in your home.

— Your computer or device -another reminder- must be angled so the teacher can see you seated, standing and laying down.

— Props if you have them. Standard props are mat, blocks, blankets and a strap.


Prop substitutes if available:

books, cd books, sturdy boxes, something firm that has height and is hopefully not too heavy!

Large bath towels, couch throws, with some firm thickness so you don't sink too much

Belt, long scarf, sash from bathrobe

***Additional Restorative substitutes***
Eye pillows or small towel
Bolsters or firm pillows, firm cushion stacks of blankets or towels