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WYC Summer Retreat pictures and wisdom ‘coming down from the mountain’

Retreat pictures and wisdom coming down from the mountain

1. This is Reality here on the mountain (not the so called ” outside world” down the mountain)
2. Let the Universe unfold the best possible outcome (and align with that)
3. When you feel like you might separate from true Self, recognize the “Guru in drag”.
4. Continue the practice of Detachment.
5. Bliss is on the other side of contraction.
6. Don’t give yourself away; hold your center.
7. Visualize yourself in your place of peace ( Self Remembrance practice).
8. It’s not Love that comes and goes, it’s you who comes and goes.
9. Just as the moon is behind the clouds,  so the Self is behind the mind.
10. Don’t repress emotions; let them rise to consciousness so they can burn away.
11. As the nectar of many flowers becomes Honey, so the Self merges into all Being
12. Don’t polarize with people; let go See the Self in that person.
13. A still mind reflects the Self.
14. The mind is consciousness in the form of thought.
15. Move from contraction to expansion.
16. My true Self is boundless.
Wow! “Thank you for showering us with love, teachings, grace and wisdom.It was a magical, sweet experience –something has already shifted inside me, an opening, I am  setting my intention with a daily practice…My heart still feels warm and filled with gratitude.”The retreat brought feelings of expansiveness home to my heart once again. ”

“Thanks to each of you for sharing your presence! We all went so deep together. We will never lose that.”

“Thank you Jackie and Rudrani for sharing your knowledge and love so generously. I loved every minute of being with all of you. Thank you all for such a special time.”

“A truly magical weekend! I am honored to be part of such a special group I hope we can stay in touch.”

“The retreat was amazing. I reconnected with my Self, and my meditation practice is back on track.

Meditating and practicing in the sacred space of the monastery in one of the loveliest settings on earth–how wonderful!

I carry this retreat with me back into ordinary life. I witnessed some extraordinary transformations during this retreat–you are both very gifted teachers and mentors. I am so lucky to be a part of this community. ”

“I love your leading us in the chanting, one of my favorite things.”

“How I loved this retreat. With every new exposure to the teachings and practices, this time actually felt like a shift — there was such powerful energy within the group. I experienced that personally in the meditation sessions, and realized that that energy pulse is accessible to us all. .”

The level I classes in the morning were just perfect for me, it was so nice to have the small class size–a real treat!”

“Thank you for sharing with all of us your knowledge and kindness, from your rich life experiences and wisdom. I love your sense of humor too!”

“This weekend retreat was just what the doctor–or rather, my inner wisdom and intuition–ordered!”

“I took home a sense of relaxation, an ability to see beauty in places I would normally miss  –a lone tree on a city block, the humanity in the eyes of a stranger– love, and a feeling of being a little more detached from my usual reactions.”